INFO:  Chris will be showcasing the iRoofing software application that allows Roofing and Remodeling professionals the ability to sell their services to their clients, right from their iPads.

A key feature of the program, The Unlimited Measurement and Visual Simulation tools, allow a salesman to create a roof diagram and visualize the finished product of a customers house/roof in real time, and can do so for metal, shake and shingle roofs.

By utilizing all of the industry leading tools developed by iRoofing, your company can except increased productivity and improved closing rates for your salesmen, while upping the professional appearance of your company, and modernizing the sales process.

As the leading expert on the iRoofing application, Chris has performed thousands of presentations to large groups and key accounts. His expertise and experience is utilized across multiple departments, which allows him to have a hands on approach to almost all aspects of the business.