Author: Anthony Delmedico
CEO & Founder
Storm Ventures Group

Anthony’s construction background, leadership, formal MBA education, as well as his military officer training bring operational excellence to Storm Ventures Group [SVG] and its rapidly growing network of joint venture partners and contractor clients wanting to scale their companies in the $100B+ insurance restoration industry.  A disabled veteran who served as a Second Lieutenant during the Gulf War, his extensive leadership experience, and experience has helped strategically mobilize numerous construction companies and joint venture partners in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia to quickly rebuild communities after storms and catastrophic events, also helping companies and contractors learn how to earn millions in new revenues and profit centers in the process.

Currently, Anthony and his SVG Team provide training systems, estimating programs, industry specific contracts, forms and documents, as well as remote and onsite coaching and consulting packages to thousands of owners of contracting companies:  General Contracting, Roofing, and Restoration companies in the U.S, Canada and Australia.  During the winter of 2014, Anthony and his SVG team spent 2 months in Gold Coast, and Brisbane Australia launching the first international joint venture and helped bring the U.S. insurance restoration model to Contractors in Australia, which like the United States, experiences large catastrophes, property damage and insured losses on an annual basis.   Learn more about this products and services for Contractors at

Anthony’s ultimate long term vision is to bring the proven SVG business model to a global network of joint venture partners and contractors operating in the $100B+ insurance restoration industry and eventually take the entire network public through a traditional IPO with his partner, Neil Reithinger, of Eventus Advisory Group.

Prior to launching SVG, Anthony was Founder and CEO of Abelard Construction from 2001 to 2012. His “speed to market” mentality was a driving factor to Abelard’s rapid and expansive growth to $173M+ in revenues and 18 offices nationwide in just under 12 years. One of the driving factors of that growth was his sales and marketing expertise, as well as his relentless commitment to operational excellence and implementation of the Abelard “blueprint” at each office.   In 2001, he started this company in the basement of his house with card table, 4 folding chairs, some market literature and a few salespeople, and 10 years later grew it to almost 18 states and approximately $173M in revenues.

Recently, Anthony authored and published “Win the Game”  Succeeding Big in the insurance Restoration Industry.  This the first-ever, comprehensive 350-page book for contractors, industry entrepreneurs looking to get started or scale their company in this explosive $100B+ industry.   Additionally, Anthony and SVG host an annual 2 day training conference for owners and top managers of Contracting Companies at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.  Learn more about this training conference at

In his off time, he speaks around the country to students, youth groups and adults about entrepreneurship. Prior to launching multiple companies, Anthony earned an MBA degree from a Top 10 Business School at the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.  In 2009, he authored the Little Green Money Machine: Kids in Business Around the World, an interactive book and patented kid business stand that teaches our youth  how to start their own business. He also created the E2 Petition: Entrepreneurship Education as Core Curriculum in grades 4-12.  In 20011, Anthony was invited to speak at the White house at the F.E.E summit on the importance of youth entrepreneurship.