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Win the Game is for existing Contractors wanting to scale their companies to the next level, as well as new entrepreneurs looking for that next big opportunity in this exciting and explosive niche industry.

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Make BIG MONEY in the explosive $100B+ global insurance restoration industry

Vision Statement – Understanding your WHY

SCALE your existing Company or startup to the next level

Boost Your Revenues – Take your Business to the Next Level $5M, $10M, $20M+

Brain-Storming: Research, Track and Scout Storm Events Utilizing the Latest Technology, Learn the Art of Scouting, Choosing the right storm to work and Setting Up Shop

The Secret Sauce to Millions – Recruiting, Mobilizing, and Training a large, effective sales team in 90 days

Blitzkrieg 101 – Inking Deals & Dominating the Market After the Storm – The 90 Day Blitz Protocol

Make, Train, and Manage $1M+ Sales Producers(and their egos), Sales Commission and Compensation plans that work!

Inking Monster Contracts – Inking and Closing $1M+ Contracts with Proven Systems, A Commercial Sales Strategy

Marketing, Social Media & Publicity: Outrank the Competition

Winning Insurance Adjustments in the Field – Improve your Buy Ratio

Contracting the Job with the right forms and the right language – actual documents included!

Supplementing Simplified – Supplementing the Insurance Company after the adjustment to get your price approved

Build Fast – A Production Management System the builds quickly and increases job gross profit

Get Paid Faster – Release Depreciation, Supplements, and Get Paid Quickly! Cash-flow, Collections and Accounts Receivable

Author: Anthony Delmedico

CEO & Founder of Storm Ventures Group

I have put in the time for you.  Get my book and learn how I grew my restoration company from my basement to $173M and 18 offices in just 10 years.

Become An Industry Giant


Learn How To Scale Your Contracting Company In The In The $100B+ Insurance Restoration Industry, get Win The Game today and start Winning The Game!

In this book, Win The Game, not only do you get to hear how Anthony achieved success, but he also shares the entire playbook on how to set up shop and BLOW UP in revenues and profits. You will find years of proven systems in these pages from what he refers to as the Three Pillars of Success in this business: Sales, Production and Collections.

Contractors Are Giving Win The Game Rave Reviews

My business partner and I, were blown away by the systems offered in Win The Game, that have helped us scale our Company in the areas of Sales, Production and Collections. Systemizing our sales recruiting and training process helped us immediately triple our active sales team.

Chad Ormberg

CEO, Prominent Construction

I have been eating this book up. Through the 1st nine chapters and my mind has been so influenced for change it is remarkable. Thank you for sharing this. My company will benefit tremendously. I am starting on my vision statement this weekend.

Michael Doyle

CEO, The Edge Contracting

I am a licensed Public Adjuster and a General Contractor. I have never seen a book like this in the industry, and am already making many changes in my Company. I especially enjoyed the Chapter on Winning Adjustments and the Appraisal process.

Carolyn Hawkins

President & Public Adjuster, S.C.C General Contractor

Win the Game is more than just a story or a book; it’s a complete working blueprint of how to launch and scale your company to start making BIG MONEY, including access to all the systems, key team positions, contracts, forms and the “Secret Sauce” that Anthony developed over 15 years through proven business growth in the industry.

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